A51 Terrain Park

A51 - Colorado's largest night park. The park tripled in size, moved to a new location under lights and added a quarter of a milllon dollars of improvements last season.

Park highlights
Rails, rails and more rails are making their way up in the park. We've got the incubator loaded with intro features, an intermediate fun box line, intermediate rail line, new snow-bowl feature, super nice pipe, wall ride and some aggressive advanced rails all set up just for you in the A51 park.

  • Incubator Terrain park on Freda's Way - featuring beginner features including funboxes, basic rails and rollers
  • 400 ft. Super Pipe
  • Changing 2 jump jumpline with multiple take offs - leading into the bowl
  • Variety of rails and funboxes: Hog King Box, BBQ Rail, (2) C Rails to S Rail line, Serpent Rail
  • http://keystone.snow.com/nightpark.index.asp

51 rails and funboxes. Two more snowcats dedicated to the park - four cats in total. Zaugg Superpipe Cutter for the A51 Superpipe (450' x 18.5'). Training pipe.
Beginner, intermediate and pro lines.

Just to Name a few rails and funboxes you can expect to see this year at Keystone's A51:

  • 16' Rockstar Funboxes
  • Scales of Justice
  • Hog King Box
  • 50' Spli-aaat Rainbow
  • MCM 76' Double House Rail
  • The Buck Fifty (150' masterpiece)
  • 20' Stair Case 2 Single Barrel
  • 40' Coney island Express
  • Triple Y
  • Double Barrel S
  • Horse Shoe
  • X Rail
  • 50' Double-barrel Rainbow
  • 60' Steep House
  • Multi Kink
  • Sex Change
  • Time Warp
  • New Roller Coaster
  • Re-entry Flat Wall
  • 50' BBQ Rail - it'll make you famous

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