Killian's Pub
Catch up on the game highlights and enjoy a great selection of beer, wine or liquor. Located in the Summit House atop Keystone Mountain.

LaBonte's Cabin
Hit the base of North Peak mountain for a quick slopeside lunch that doesn't skimp on the good stuff. Try our signature Mahi Mahi fish tacos or, if the weather cooperates, our Outdoor Snowbeach BBQ. Good. Fast. Good and fast.

Sub Fusion
Here's a tip. Always eat where the ski patrol eats. And this is it. Snowboard-size subs made fresh for you and toasted to hot, crispy perfection. Because the only thing that beats a big sub is a big toasty sub. Two locations on the mountain.

Timber Ridge Food Court
Grab lunch on top of North Peak. Jaw-dropping views and mouth-watering eats like burgers, noodle bowls, soups, fresh-baked goodies, low-carb options and a salad bar that goes on and on. Eat early (10:30-11:30 a.m.) and save 15%.