You are the reason we are here. The reason we are dedicated to

channeling the natural energy of our surroundings and the reason

we've created an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. You,

are the reason we use indigenous ingredients and sustainable and

organic products. You are what inspires the treatments, therapies

and experiences in our spa sanctuary.

We take your serenity very seriously, and work to soothe your soul,

heighten your senses and re-energize your well-being.

Facial Therapies

Ultraluxe Facial80 minutes
This super-luxurious facial uses cutting-edge technology to work

gently in reversing the signs of aging on the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. This is a unique and effective service that uses Nonaplex technology-a powerful special blend of nine anti-aging ingredients that form one of the most potent age-control systems available today.  Stimulating collegen, firming the skin, assisting in removing fine lines and light pigmentation are the target areas this facial focuses on.

The Keystone Customized Facial50 minutes
A restorative facial that leaves your complexion positively radiant. After an in-depth analysis of your skin (based on everything from your skin type to lifestyle), your esthietician customizes a facial using the skincare products that best suit your needs.

Super-C Citrus Facial50 minutes
Long known for its anti-oxidant properties, citrus in all its forms has been brought together to create a customized Super-C facial that will leave your skin balanced and toned. Utilizing the Bromalain found naturally in pineapple, our 10% Pineapple Enzyme Peel gives gentle but effective results. Lemon lightens skins hyper-pigmentations, grapefruit brings life and vitality and lime juice removes surface impurities leaving your skin refreshed and renewed.

Sun & Snow80 minutes
This invigorating, anti-aging treatment uses natural fruit acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and stimulating paprika to exfoliate and oxygenate the skin. A cooling application of a chilled herbal masque and a hot and cold massage, will leave your skin smooth and supple. It is ideal for acne prone and those looking for an effective organic anti-aging treatment.  Perfect before any event!

Fitness Facial50 minutes
The Fitness Facial is designed to get skin into shape. This treatment involves cleansing skin, any necessary extractions, light exfoliation with pumpkin enzymes and a protein mask infused with essential oils and Blue Azulene extract to strengthen skin cells and improve elasticity. A facial that is meticulously customized to your skin's needs-be it quenching your skin's thirst, clearing unflattering breakouts, or repairing sun damage and fine lines.

Experience the unique benefits of massage, which has been

recognized for centuries for its ability to improve circulation,

relieve pain, heal injuries and reduce stress.

The Keystone Customized Massage50 minutes | 80 minutes
After a brief consultation, your massage therapist can provide

guidance in selecting the style of massage best suited for

you-Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology or Sports Après.

Mother Nurture 50 minutes  | 80 minutes
Designed to relieve tension and strain experienced during

pregnancy, this gentle massage treatment reduces hip and

back pain, improves circulation and provides much needed

serenity. Note: This massage is not recommended during the first trimester or for those experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

Marta Kodo translation: big melody | 50 minutes | 80 minutes
This unique technique, inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal methods, is designed to unleash blockages, relieve tension and realign the body's energy using a combination of pressure and rhythmical spiraling movements and your choice of native Aboriginal aromatic oils to address your individual preferences.

High Country Stone Massage 80 minutes
Slip away into another world as you enjoy the deep, penetrating energy of heated stones gliding along strategic points of your body. In this extremely relaxing massage, your therapist combines Swedish massage techniques with warm stones to more deeply penetrate sore muscles, increase circulation and relieve stress.

Total Skin Fitness50 minutes                 
Through the various benefits of botanicals, technology, Organic Omega 3 Complex and the undeniable power of touch, you'll experience a results-oriented body treatment like never before.  This treatment is designed to target your skin's most pressing concerns while delivering an amazing sensory experience ensuring smoother, supple and more even-toned skin.

Champagne Divine 50 minutes
Treat yourself to this cocktail of treatments. Utilizing a Champagne Sugar Scrub, your skin will be noticeably softened. Next, we will apply a warming Herbal Cellulite Masque, designed to break up fatty tissue, aid in regenerating collagen fibers and improve elasticity in connective tissue. This is followed by an area specific deep tissue massage using our Mimosa Body Lotion. These organically grown ingredients are rich in bioflavonoids, phyto-estrogens, vitamins and minerals.
Yanko translation: song of running water | 50 minutes
This invigorating, full-body exfoliation revitalizes the energy meridians and brings tone and clarity to the skin. Native aromatic oils are rhythmically applied to your skin to stimulate circulation and soothe weary muscles. After desert salts are gently buffed across your skin, a mountain rain rinse will massage away any remaining stresses.

Immerse yourself in the soothing waters of the spa's infinity-edge, chromatherapy tub, where thousands of champagne-like bubbles gently caress your body and ease sore muscles, while a light therapy feature allows you to bathe in a myriad of colors.

Silky Soak 50 minutes | Couples soak 50 minutes
As an alternative to the localized massage following the exfoliation treatments, you may choose one of three luxurious bath options in our infinity edge hydrotherapy tub-an Enliven Milk Bath, Mineral Bath, or Aromatherapy Bath (see below for a full description). Located in the same treatment room as the exfoliation, it is a wonderful way to complement your body treatment.
Suite Surrender75 minutes | Stone Massage 100 minutes
Share an unforgettable bath with that special someone in the two-person, infinity-edge tub. Combine any hydrotherapy bath with a 50-minute massage in the Massage Suite for Two and enjoy champagne and chocolate-covered fruit from Keystone's famous chocolatier, Ned Archibald.

Select one of the two bathing treatments listed above, then select from any of the following bathing options:
Enliven Milk Bath
A fragrant and deeply moisturizing bath containing 100% certified organic Babassu oil plus an organic powdered buttermilk blend.

Mineral Bath
This therapeutic bath-using salts to re-mineralize and help purify the body's systems-is the perfect antidote to tight muscles.

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